An Epicurean Journée... a culinary wine pairing adventure

A rich experience full of flavors, fragrances and surprises. Discover les plaisirs de la table... with the plentiful wine, garlic temperament, abundant laughter and hot blood of le Midi.
— Valerie Pellegrin


Accommodations: You'll be picked up at the Avignon train station and taken to the Rhône Retreat, a gorgeous property with two separate cottages, a main house, beautiful gardens and a sparkling pool. Built in the early 1800’s, the magical chateau offers a glimpse of life in a picturesque village surrounded by vineyards and historical sites.  

Dates: September 20th - 26th, 2017. Seven days and six nights

We are planning more tour to come in April, May, September and October 2018... stay in touch!!

Cost: Packages start at $3800 per person double occupancy (does not include airfare). The tour is limited to 6-8 people on a first come, first served basis. 

To RSVP, email Valerie at

Together, we will take an epicurean journey through the essence of le Midi with a culinary wine and food pairing adventure to the heart of la Provence, where the aroma of the divine garlic bulb permeates most of the fine dishes along with the haunting fragrance of the truffle. We'll explore local wineries and the broad spectrum of bouquets which the terroir has to offer. 

The Côtes du Rhône has quite a broad variety of wines... from the rather bold and spicy Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to full bodied varietals, to lighter wines like the Lirac or the Tavel, to refreshingly dry Rosé. A paradise for the amateur oenophile and sommelier alike. 

We will rediscover the simple pleasures of handpicking fresh produce at farmers markets and prepare outrageously aromatic and flavorful meals empowering our tastebuds by feasting on la cuisine provençale. 

In addition to memorable cuisine, the region is also rich is history, both ancient and medieval. We will explore the antiquarian reminders of the Greeks and Romans, including the Oppidium at the gates of Gaujac Or, nearby Pont du Gard and the breathtaking Roman aqueduc.

And, of course, we visit local artists and artisanal communities and outstanding local restaurants. It will prove to be a complete cultural immersion through "les plaisirs simples de la table."