An Epicurean Journée... a culinary wine pairing adventure

Last October, I had an amazing opportunity to travel back home to
France by myself, and as a parent of an 11-year-old, it was a
luxury!!! I just wanted to grasp the now with all of my senses for just
what it had to offer. It was a rich experience full of flavors,
fragrances, and surprises. I traveled much of the time on small, winding roads,
reconnecting with the familiar feeling of home. It
helped me to understand where I came from and why I love Provence so
much!! As I plunged back into my past, it felt like I had never left
that cycle ruled by the belly! Les plaisirs de la table...with the
plentiful wine, garlic temperament, laugther and the hot blood
of le midi, which is in my genes!!!! :)

 The whole trip inspired me to share those experiences with you and
your friends and I realized that one of my longtime dreams is to
guide people through the history, culture, food and good times of my
homeland. This year I'm making that leap of faith to prepare for you
my first guided trip to Provence. Along the way, we will be staying
with my friend Ken Jourdan and visiting his beautiful château, which
is a magnificent Rhone retreat, in Gaujac, in the Gard. What he has
to offer corresponds to what I have envisioned for my guests. The
decision to combine all of our expertise just came naturally.  Check his


    Together, we will offer an epicurean journey from the essence of le
Midi with a culinary wine and food pairing adventure, to the heart of la
Provence, where the aroma of the divine garlic bulb permeates most of
the fine dishes along with the haunting fragrance of the truffle. We'll
explore local wineries and the broad spectrum of bouquets which the terroir
has to offer. The Côtes du Rhône has quite a broad variety of
wines...from the rather bold and spicy Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to the full
bodied varieties, to lighter wines like the Lirac or the Tavel, to a
dry Rosé... A paradise for the amateur oenophile and sommelier both.
    We will rediscover the simple pleasures of hand picking fresh
produce at local farmers markets and prepare outrageously aromatic and
flavorful cooking to empower our tastebuds by feasting on la cuisine

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    In addition to cuisine, the region is also full of history, both ancient and medieval. We will
explore the antiquarian vestiges of the region which are rich in
reminders of the Greeks and the Romans. The Oppidium at the gates of
Gaujac Or, nearby Pont du Gard and the breathtaking Roman aqueduct.
    We will be organizing this first adventure from Jun 20th to June
26th, 2017 - 7 days and 6 nights. The trip will also coincide with one of the most
famous French celebrations, La Fête de la Musique, which is a
dedication to music and an amazing opportunity to experience true
french culture.

    And of course, we will be visiting local artists and artisanal
communities and outstanding local restaurants. It will prove to be a
complete cultural immersion through "les plaisirs simples de la table".
    The tour is limited to 6-8 persons on a first come, first served
basis so RSVP now if you are interested. If you have any questions,
feel free to contact me at


Valerie Pellegrin